Terms and Conditions Policy

(We try to keep it simple and to the point to keep our customer from getting tired of reading, but we will provide more specific details for those who need the info with links below.)

We will NEVER share or sell any of your personal information. The information you provide to use will ONLY be used for the purpose of filling your order or communicating with you about your order.

Rule 1

We kindly ask that you review our terms and conditions policy at Flower Girl Outlet, as the customer agrees to these terms at the time of checkout under the agreement that these are the conditions that we provide a service to you.

Rule 2

The customer understands and agrees to the delivery description. The customer understands that we are a traditional mail order service that offers a hug catalog that includes over 60 thousand items and combinations of colors and sizes of items. Although, we ship regularly and every day, we still reserve the right to need 4 to 6 weeks for an order to arrive in some cases, due to traditional mail order conditions. The customer agrees that items can take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. The customer understands that the method of shipping is not the number of days the item takes to arrive.

Rule 3

The customer understands and agrees to our return policy. This policy is posted at the bottom of our website, and contact for returns and exchanges must be done through writing(email) once logged into the customer account.

Rule 4

Customers understand that they must not charge back if an order is filled under the conditions we have agreed to provide. If a wrongful charge back is filed and disputed. The customer will be charged an additional 20 - 40 dollar fee for wrongful charge back. (The fee is imposed by the credit card processor, not us)

Customer understands that sometimes there is a reason to expect a refund (example: mis-delivered items or damaged item). Please allow us time to receive the merchandise and properly process a refund. Customer understands that they will not charge back as a way to process their own refund.